"The Guardian" NFT



Moving Into the Metaverse: A Capsule Collection of Three Limited-Edition NFTs

This NFT is a surrealistic exploration of the brand’s essence in a special digital artwork featuring two CdC capes, The Guardian and The Sainte.

In tandem with digital artist Tony Murray ( and renowned creative director Isabel Martinez (@IsabelitaVirtual), Cape de Coeur is excited to announce the launch of our capsule collection of three, one-of-one edition NFTs, linked to three of our Guardian capes—our signature cape design. The unique non-fungible tokens are created from a special digital artwork video entitled “The Guardian”.
We worked passionately with Murray and Martinez to visualize, design, and produce the piece.

Inspired by the heroic and almost mythic forms of Cape de Coeur capes, created this Metaverse where two Guardians own the weather, traversing an unreal landscape of imagination. Donning their capes as objects of power, our heroes shift paradigms and innovate to elevate, heralding a new generation of luxury and liberty—a new guard—like valkyries of a digital future. 

Featuring two CdC capes, The Guardian and The Sainte, this NFT is a surrealistic exploration of our brand essence. It expresses a revolution in outerwear through tech innovation. The capes transcend space and place. They amplify individuality. Like The Guardian, you too can move through the world as the hero of your own story—with power, with purpose, and with creative rebellion.

There are only 3 of “The Guardian” NFTs available. We are giving them to the next 3 people who purchase the Guardian cape and use the promo code below.



To get the NFT, be one of the next 3 people to buy a Guardian cape:

  • At checkout enter promo code GUARDIAN to claim the NFT.
  • If you get Invalid Code error message, it means the 3 are taken.
  • Send us an email with your order number and we will contact you to begin the transfer process.

Claim The Guardian NFT



NFT will transfer within 30 days of cape purchase.
NFT recipient is responsible for setting up their own NFT wallet.
Offer is invalid on returned merchandise.
Cape de Coeur retain the copyright and reserves the right to use for promotional purposes or advertising.

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