Our Charitable Project

A Commitment to Ecosystem and Conservation

At Cape de Coeur, our dedication to sustainability goes beyond a responsible supply chain; it extends into the heart of impactful charitable projects. We believe that as a brand reaching a community of individuals who prioritize independent brands and are deeply conscious of their footprint in our ecosystem, we have a responsibility to think further, to explore how we can make a meaningful impact on causes we deeply care about.

Our inaugural initiative features exquisite flower brooches and bracelets, each meticulously handcrafted from our signature fabric, utilizing every valuable material scrap, transforming them into functional art pieces.
These accessories are not just adornments; they symbolize our support for pollinators. We are proud to partner with Pollinator Partnership, an organization we deeply admire for their dedication to conserving pollinators through activations and education.

To further this cause, we are committed to donating $10 of each flower brooch sale to POLLINATOR PARTNERSHIP.


Why Do We Care So Much About Pollinators?

Pollinators: Guardians of Our Ecosystem

Pollinators—bees, butterflies, birds, and bats—are more than just enchanting creatures flitting from flower to flower. They are indispensable to our survival and the health of our planet. These tiny but mighty beings play a crucial role in food production, biodiversity, the economy, and sustaining healthy ecosystems.

Pollinators: Our Brand’s Spirit Animals

At Cape de Coeur, our brand ethos is deeply rooted in a profound connection with nature, embracing all winged creatures as our inspiration. Drawn from our founder's experiences in the Pacific Northwest, our designs mirror the grace, freedom, and resilience found in birds, bees, butterflies, and bats, embodying these qualities in our signature garment: the cape. 

Join us in supporting pollinators and discover the elegance and freedom that define Cape de Coeur.

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